Turkey's Coup of July 2016

The roots of the July Coup may have its beginnings in 2002 when the Turkish military had strong reservations about Erdogan's appointment of General Hilmi Ozkok as Chief of General Staff of the Turkish Army. This was the beginning of a process to put Erdogan loyalists in key Command structure positions so that a repeat of the 1997 coup did not ever happen again. During Turkey's bid to enter EU this was a common excuse that both Germany and France repeatedly used that Turkey did not have enough Institutions outside the Army to have the necessary checks and balances to keep its Democratic and more importantly its Secular forces intact. They were partially right then. Today its a different story. Turkey has a vibrant Middle class society, its State Institutions though take a Muslim identity does have secular policies ranging from education, business and their treatment of gender in key metropolitan areas. Nevertheless the Turkish Army amongst its Junior Cadre for the last 14 years have protested within their own Commands about their distaste of their President's policies both domestically and overseas. Within the younger officers there have been frustration building up about how their commands have had to be merged with other commands who have taken a favorable line with the President's policies on day to day operations and how batting with Kurdish factions on three fronts (i.e Eastern Turkey, Iraq and Syria) is proving to be a Cancer. In the last 14 years, the Army has gone from a secular institution to a institution where secular factions are fighting Erdogan's Islamic factions for control.  In many respects it seems that the coup was a battle within the Army and a plea to the Turkish public to choose the secular faction. The odd reality is neither the secular nor the religious factions have any support within their own apparatus nor in the electorate. The Turkish electorate just wants Democracy at whatever value they can get. Independently they favor President Erdogan but they like the process their electorate system has matured to and most importantly they don't see the Army anymore has a the vanguard of secular Turkey.